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Based on Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince'

34 famous international leaders and marketing experts within: Business, Politics, Art, Sport, Organized Crime, Philanthropy, and Health Care are united in a timeless and u universal film s series about marketing, leadership, ethics and visions. The topics discussed in each chapter of The Mind of a Leader are closely related to the issues raised in the 26 chapters of Niccolo Machiavelli's controversial strategic masterpiece 'The Prince' (Italy, 1513). The Mind of a Leader presents each chapter of 'The Prince' in 26 episodes, each 26 minutes. The modern documentaries consist of interviews with influential leaders from all over the world based on modern interpretations of Machiavelli's controversial thoughts. The projects reveals the involved participants' personal views, and not their knowledge in terms of Machiavelli.

The multi-cultural documentary series examines different aspects of modern leadership and encourages future leaders to be responsible and create an efficient, dynamic, and humane environment, while achieving ambitious goals. The Mind of a Leader offers general advice in regards to both individual and organizational success, global co-operations, human values, human resource issues such as motivation, implementation of changes, personal ambitions, etc. But The Mind of a Leader also aims to reveal some of the more sensitive issues an ambitious leader has to deal with in regard to the above. Questions such as, whether it is better to be loved or feared as a leader, or if it is ever acceptable to practice deceit or make human sacrifices for a greater good?

The Mind of a Leader is an outstanding training and development tool. Each chapter features questions, conclusions and practical hands-on advice in regards to both individual and organizational success. A fascinating journey to the inside of successful modern organizations and leadership minds.

4 DVDs / 728 minutes

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Based on Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'

24 famous international top leaders and experts within business, politics, art, sports, organized crime, philanthropy and health care are united in a timeless and universal documentary about leadership, ethics and visions. The topics discussed are closely related to the issues raised in the 13 chapters of Sun Tzu's masterpiece: "The Art of War" (China, 500 B.C.) one of the oldest preserved strategic dissertations on the science of warfare. "The Art of War" has been read and used through time by prominent rulers and politicians such as Mao Tze Dong, Ho Chi Minh and Napoleon.

The multi-cultural documentary series examines different aspects of modern leadership and encourages future leaders to be strategic and responsible when achieving ambitious goals. The project reveals the participants personal views and not their knowledge in terms of Sun Tzu."The Mind of a Leader II" is an outstanding training and development tool. Each chapter features questions, conclusions and practical hands-on advice in regards to both individual and organizational success. A fascinating journey to the inside of successful modern organizations and leadership minds.

Chapter 1: Vision & Mission
Chapter 2: On-going Expensive Battles
Chapter 3: Picking Your Fights
Chapter 4: Securing Your Position and Awaiting the Enemy to Reveal
Chapter 5: Communication, Flexibility & Timing
Chapter 6: First-mover Advantage
Chapter 7: Attack by Deceit
Chapter 8: The Ideal Leader
Chapter 9: Moral & Discipline
Chapter 10: Positioning
Chapter 11: Human Resource Management
Chapter 12: Utilizing the Media
Chapter 13: The Battle for Information

2 DVDs / 247 minutes

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Have you recently been thrust into a leadership position and are not sure how to lead others? Do you aspire to lead teams but are currently only leading yourself? If leadership is what you are needing, Developing the Leader Within You DVD Training is crucial in your development.

John Maxwell teaches you in this course the basic principles of being a leader, the all-important Five Levels of Leadership, and provides practices and principles that you can apply instantly to improve your leadership skills. You will learn how to: build trust through personal integrity, prioritize, create positive change and understand the process involved, how to develop people, crucial problem solving techniques, articulate visions and goals for your organization, become character-driven vs. being emotion-driven, and much, much more.

2 DVDs / 203 minutes

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With Libby Gill

How To Create a Culture of Risk-Taking and Collaboration

Innovation and positive change come about when people step out of their comfort zones and take risks. When you create an atmosphere that rewards innovative thinking, team members come up with ideas that break through old thinking and protect your organization from stagnation. Collaboration is also a key factor in bringing out the best in yourself and others. When we connect and share insights and ideas, everybody advances. In this engaging seminar, expert speaker Libby Gill shares practical strategies, captivating stories, and powerful insights that motivate people to take action. So, if you are ready to take yourself and your team to the next level, this seminar will definitely be a valuable stepping stone towards that goal.

DVD / 60 minutes

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Imagine if all your good managers became great leaders. When you have leaders at all levels, and not just at the top, productivity climbs and the atmosphere improves throughout your organization.

Good management skills are a start. But that's not what makes you a leader. What makes you a leader is the willingness of others to follow you. And this requires respect, admiration and many other intangibles that go into true leadership. Fortunately, even though not everyone is a "born leader," every manager in your organization has the potential to become a leader.

This video begins by demonstrating successful management styles: direction, influence, collaboration, and delegation. It then explains how your setting and your subordinates determine which management style is most appropriate for your situation -- and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

Leaders need to:
  • Take initiative.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Embrace change.
  • Develop their people.
  • Admit their mistakes.
  • Build community.

  • Our dramatic scenes help you recognize leadership behaviors at all levels of an organization. You'll learn how to exhibit leadership by making good decisions and keeping your own emotions under control. And you'll learn the critical importance of personal integrity.

    Leadership takes more than good management. And there's no better time than right now for you to take it to the next level.

    DVD / 24 minutes

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    With Gaurav Bhalla

    5 Winning Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Competition

    Many companies desire market leadership. With it comes higher sales, profitability, and greater customer loyalty. Despite the attractiveness of the rewards, few companies have a systematic plan for cultivating a market-leader mindset and staying ahead of competition. In this program, Dr. Bhalla reveals 5 essential strategies - Customer-first thinking, Innovation, Collaboration, Cognitive diversity, and Flexible thinking - that enable companies to begin and sustain their march toward market leadership. This is a battle-tested framework that is based on cutting edge thinking and practice, which produces results for companies in all market environments, countries, and cultures. What's more, this framework strengthens the bond between the company and it's employees and customers.

    DVD / 93 minutes

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    With Jonathan Sprinkles

    How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas to Create Positive Change

    At the root of every positive change is someone who wanted things to be better. They didn't settle for the status quo, but instead stepped up and became a catalyst for change. In this captivating program, award-winning speaker Jonathan Sprinkles shares powerful stories and motivating principles for being the one who reshapes your future, both at home and at work. You'll learn how to sell yourself and your ideas, maintain a positive attitude of expectation, thank others with sincerity, build your confidence, keep yourself motivated and much more. Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker in your organization, as well as in your personal life. It's time to take charge of your circumstances and be the one!

    DVD / 75 minutes

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    Football's winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to be a successful leader in this fast-paced training program. These coaches have an amazing track record! Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your job.

    The Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge training program is deigned to help develop leaders at all levels.

    The LINK program has five parts:

    Part 1: Incentives - Learn to show people you care. Use incentives to encourage your associates at work. This segment will show you how to command more influence by putting the world's greatest incentive techniques to work.

    Part 2: Personal Psychology - You need to understand people to motivate them... and to get the most out of yourself. Understand the importance of listening, taking risks and reward recognition.

    Part 3: Body Language - Learn how to harness the physical aspect of your power as well as the mental aspect. Understand that your reputation matters.

    Part 4: Group Dynamics - Learn how to work better with a group - and to influence those around you. Focus on consistency, enthusiasm, team success, and empowerment. Create an environment of mutual support and respect.

    Part 5: Integration: Pull all these ideas together in a formula for leadership success. Learn how to focus on respect and relationships... Put these ideas into a succinct, actionable game plan.

    DVD / 2013 / 64 minutes

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    Leading Positive Change is the perfect tool for leaders! Recognizing employees is the most important way to get them to enjoy their job. Praise is essential, but it is often misused.

    Shawn teaches us how to spread the Happiness Advantage to others using a few simple techniques.

    We often praise the result of an effort, for example "Great job meeting your monthly sales goal" rather than the process, for example "Great job working so hard, it shows that you care about your work."

    These modules are a must see for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity. Everyone can try them!

    DVD / 2011 / 10 minutes

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    With Lt. Col. Rob (Waldo) Waldman

    A Fighter Pilot's Guide to Reaching New Heights in Business and Life

    What does it take to overcome fear and lead with courage when facing adversity? How can you build trusting partnerships in your personal and professional life, and live congruent with your core values? Discover answers to these questions and many more in this high-flying adventure featuring highly decorated US Air Force fighter pilot Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman. On this critical mission, you'll learn leadership and teamwork principles covering a wide range of areas including focus, integrity, collaboration, overcoming fear, and maintaining a commitment to excellence. Whether you're in the cockpit of an F-16 or in a chair at your office, these same principles apply when it comes to soaring to new heights both individually and as a team.

    DVD / 2011 / 105 minutes

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    With Tom Flick

    Getting Yourself and Others to the Go-Side of Life

    The people that you lead are looking to you for answers. They want to know, "Where are we going, how are we going to get there, and what does the future look like?" If you have kids, they want to know the same things. In this inspiring program, master speaker Tom Flick uses powerful stories and relevant examples to get you thinking about the big important questions that every leader needs to ask. He discusses the critical characteristics of effective leaders, and explains how they can communicate their vision in a compelling manner that rallies people together to tackle their cause. From heartwarming stories to hard-hitting realities, this program is filled with motivating ideas, and inspirational messages for leading at a higher level.

    DVD / 2010 / 80 minutes

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    With Steve Farber

    How to Put More Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof into Your Work

    Here's the problem: many people who call themselves leaders are only posing. They're wearing the label or accepting the title without putting their skin in the game. Assuming that you really do aspire to lead, Steve Farber approaches the act of leadership as you'd approach an extreme sport: learn to love the fear and exhilaration that naturally comes with the territory. And that takes a personal commitment and a significant, personal choice. Extreme Leadership is the dynamic interplay of fear and love, two of the most powerful forces in the human experience. And in Steve's estimation, those who actively and intentionally use the experience of fear and love everyday in their attempts to change things for the better, in whatever arena, are Extreme Leaders. Watch this program if you're ready to make that choice...

    DVD / 2009 / 110 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    The Little BIG Things: Leadership DVD in the new Tom Peters training program is an invaluable asset for all levels of your management team. Tom attacks the issues of promotions, employee reviews, communication, teamwork, and setting milestones through his insight and candid conversations that are aimed directly at the viewers.

    Do you want your managers "wandering around"? You do if you want them to MBWA (Managing By Wandering Around) just like Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks does!

    DVD / 2009 / 54 minutes

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    With Don Hutson

    How to Build Your Team, Your Career, and Yourself

    Leadership training is critical to the success of any organization. Executives, managers, and business owners are constantly creating a culture in their organizations through the leadership skills and style they demonstrate. Leadership training should be a regular part of any company's training regimen, because managing and leading people is an art. It takes a specific set of skills to do it well, in order to gain cooperation and create a breakthrough, high-performance team. In this dynamic, content-loaded session, you'll discover specific leadership training strategies and techniques for being an extraordinary leader. You'll learn how to motivate and positively connect with your team, how to use a coach for outstanding results, the secrets of exceptional managers, managing different people differently, helping your people clarify their goals, and more. With a detailed fourteen page note guide included, this is a high-content leadership training program that will benefit everyone from the entry level manager to the chief executive officer.

    DVD / 2007 / 80 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    Great customer service comes from great people, but how do you hire, train, and retain the best people? More importantly, how do you get everyone to deliver the best service possible? In this program, Tom Peters will show you how great service happens. You will learn how The Container Store has developed the highest customer satisfaction and the lowest employee turnover rate of any major retailer in the nation.

    The Container Store has been one of Fortune magazine's TM top "100 Best Companies to Work For" for five years in a row. How do they do it? Careful hiring, constant communication, lots of training, and hard work are the key elements that contribute to the success of The Container Store.

  • Embrace A Big Vision
  • Hire Great People
  • Communicate Constantly
  • Train, Train, Train ... Train All The Time
  • Selling and Service Go Together

  • DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2004 / 18 minutes

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    With Lorraine Monroe

    Lorraine Monroe doesn't take no for an answer... at least not easily. In a funny, touching, and motivational presentation, Lorraine Monroe explains how to persevere despite setbacks, adversity, and even hostility. She is passionate, funny and honest. Lorraine will motivate you and your team to learn ideas for leading, busting bureaucracy and clearing out the dead wood in your organization.

  • Encourage people to be creatively crazy
  • Put people before paper - every time
  • Remember to plan: A plan is like pantyhose: It must be examined and it must be flexible
  • Understand Bureaucracy

  • "The first thing you say to your staff is the thing they will remember forever."

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2001 / 45 minutes

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    In order to succeed, organizations need to cultivate leaders at all levels. What are the key leadership skills? What's necessary for success? Find out in Developing 21st Century Leaders. You'll hear success strategies from top performing leaders and managers at Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines, USAA, The Defense Personnel Support Center and Whole Foods Market. Interviews include some of America's leading CEOs as well as top performing supervisors and team leaders.

  • Respect & Empower the Individual
  • Stress Continuous Improvement
  • Manage & Accept Risk
  • Build the Knowledge Base
  • Avoid Complacency
  • Be Flexible & Fast

  • DVD / 1998 / 17 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    Never has management expert Tom Peters been more impassioned than he is about our need for leadership. On location with four outstanding individuals, and in front of a live audience, Peters reveals the practical lessons in leadership and teambuilding that can be learned from compelling examples:

  • Pat Carrigan, the first woman to manage an assembly plant at General Motors
  • Dennis Litky, the principal of formerly problem-plagued Thayer High School
  • Vaughn Beals, Chairman of Harley Davidson - the last of the American companies to succeed in the highly competitive motorcycle industry
  • Ralph Stayer of Johnsonville Foods

  • Reveal techniques and strategies successful leaders use
  • Motivate individuals to inspires leadership
  • Define and promote leadership as an alliance between managers and workers

  • DVD (Closed Captioned) / 1994 / 64 minutes

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    With John P. Kotter

    John Kotter, the professor of leadership and change for Harvard University, offers the essential guide to developing the natural talents of managers and staff into leadership skills throughout your organization. Kotter argues that most organizations already have ample management capability, but lack sufficient leadership to propel them consistently forward. This program combines interviews with successful leaders from five well-known but distinctly unique corporations with Kotter's incisive commentary.

    Leadership is divided into six independent modules. Each may be viewed independently as part of a self-study program:
  • Module 1: Leadership is Not Management
  • Module 2: Setting Direction
  • Module 3: Aligning Constituencies
  • Module 4: Motivating and Inspiring
  • Module 5: How Much Leadership is Enough
  • Module 6: Creating Sufficient Leadership

  • Each module includes a presentation and recap by Dr. Kotter, vignettes illustrating the key components of leadership and management in action and interviews with executives from ConAgra, NCR, Arco, PepsiCo, and Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation.

  • Distinguish the functions and goals of leadership from those of management
  • Recognize when each skill set is called for and deploy it effectively
  • Understand the differences between leadership and management
  • Learn through real-world examples of dealing with vision, alignment, and motivation issues

  • DVD / 1992 / 68 minutes

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