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Life Science

Biology and Medicine


Personalized recommendations of the best research articles in biology and medicine by the world's largest group of leading scientists and clinicians - the F1000Prime Faculty.

Fast and comprehensive identification and assessment of the best research articles in biology and medicine by the world's largest group of leading scientists and clinicians. F1000Prime provides researchers with a personalized literature service using a collection of innovative tools and resources.

Key Benefits:

Article recommendations
F1000Prime publishes article recommendations of the best papers in biology and medicine, providing expert commentary on the top articles across 4,000+ journals.

A personalized homepage
Features the latest articles relevant to you, customized searches, and alerts from F1000Prime and PubMed.

An algorithm that learns from your feedback to highlight only the most relevant articles to your interest.

Features Overview:

Article recommendations: access over 125,000 expert recommendations, with more added daily, highlighting the world's most important articles in biology and medical research.

Sophisticated search facilities: run quick keyword searches or build complex searches refined by citation detail, subject area, descriptive classification (e.g. new finding), F1000 Article Factor or F1000 Faculty Member. Direct searches of PubMed are also available.

The F1000 SmartSearch: take advantage of this intelligent search tool that learns your article preferences by logging your interactions with each new set of search results. As your SmartSearch is refined, you will receive alerts of only the most on-target new articles.

MyF1000: customize the site to your area of interest by selecting your Favorite Sections and setting up alerts of new content and stored searches, and manage all your interactions with F1000.

F1000 Article Factors: view articles by how highly they are considered by our Faculty. Articles are scored each time they are recommended, and the values converted into F1000 Article Factors and then ranked by the results, further distinguishing great articles from the truly exceptional.

Article Rankings - Top 10s: check out the top-ranking recommended articles, both current and 'All time', as well as the most viewed. Rankings are updated daily.

Article Rankings - Hidden Jewels: discover the top-ranking articles from more specialized journals that you might have missed in your general reading, both in your specialty and in neighboring fields.

PubMed and F1000: a link to the PubMed abstract is available for each article recommendation, and PubMed LinkOuts to F1000 can be set up in PubMed, so that all recommended content is flagged as you browse PubMed.

Full text access: “free full text” links to the journal are displayed if the article is free to read, along with links to articles available in PubMed Central. For content you cannot access, links to your library's holdings can be set up using OpenURL link resolvers, or, if available for your institution, you can request an article from your librarian.

F1000's "Naturally Selected" blog: highlights exciting research featured in F1000, along with interviews and videos of the people behind it.

Roaming access: users benefit from 60 days of roaming access if they have registered and logged in within their subscribing institution's IP range.

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