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Documentary Film aobut Sports

Documentary Film aobut Sports


Director: Ian Phillips

Martin Jacobson ('Coach Jake') may be the winningest high school soccer coach in New York City public school history, but his greatest victories lie in helping others and attaining what he likes to call 'the beautiful game.' Coach Jake has won a record 17 City Championships since he began coaching soccer at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Manhattan in 1994, gaining notoriety for flipping the school's bad reputation to a pillar of the athletic community, and improving lives as much as he has scoring averages.

The feature documentary Coach Jake delves into the life and work of high school soccer's most intriguing figure.

DVD / 2018 / 82 minutes

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Director: Jon Dunham

From its humble origins 120 years ago to present day, Boston immerses the viewer into the wondrous kaleidoscope of the oldest annually contested marathon in the world. Evolving from a workingman's challenge to welcoming foreign athletes and eventually women, the iconic race paved the way for the modern marathon and mass participatory sports.

Narrated by Boston native Matt Damon, Boston features many of running's greatest champions including Shalane Flanagan, Meb Keflezighi, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

DVD / 2017 / 114 minutes

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Director: Barry Strugatz

The Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West is a feature documentary about Tai Chi and one of its greatest masters, Cheng Man-Ching, a man who brought Tai Chi and Chinese culture to the West during the swinging, turbulent 60's. Though Cheng is an important transformational figure, his teachings have been overlooked. This documentary film tells the story of his remarkable life and features Tai Chi as a martial art and a spiritual practice.

DVD / 2016 / 67 minutes

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Director: Amber Fares

The Speed Sisters are the first all-woman race car driving team in the Middle East. Grabbing headlines and turning heads at improvised tracks across the West Bank, these five women have sped their way into the heart of the gritty, male-dominated Palestinian street car-racing scene. Weaving together their lives on and off the track, Speed Sisters takes you on a surprising journey into the drive to go further and faster than anyone thought you could.

DVD (Arabic and English with English subtitles) / 2016 / 80 minutes

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Director: Drew and Matthew Taylor

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball is the story of an 11-year Major League pitcher, who after winning two world championships (with the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals and the 1969 Miracle Mets) embarked on a USO tour through Vietnam that would change his life. After visiting field hospitals, Ron devoted the rest of his life to medicine, enrolling in medical school at 35 and eventually becoming the team physician for the Toronto Blue Jays. Through interviews with former teammates and friends, his two sons uncover the course of their father's life.

The documentary features interviews with five Hall of Famers - Joe Torre, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Ferguson Jenkins, and Pat Gillick - as well as others including MLB All-Stars Joe Carter, Tim McCarver, Art Shamsky and Cito Gaston. Historical MLB footage details Ron's performances in the '64 and '69 World Series, pitching against the likes of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

DVD / 2015 / 20 minutes

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Director: Dirk Jan Roeleven

The Lance Armstrong saga and countless other doping scandals may have permanently damaged the sport of Cycling. But Clean Spirit introduces us to one pro cycling team that strives to compete the "right way," placing them at a profound disadvantage. Argos-Shimano is determined to show that winning is possible without doping. We follow the team during the 100th edition of the Tour de France. Knowing that they cannot beat their opponents in the mountains, they have specialized in the sprint.

We see the young team inside their hotel rooms, at breakfast and at team meetings. We hear German sprint talent Marcel Kittel promising his teammates a Rolex if they let him win the first stage. In the excitement of the race see Mark Cavendish cause Argos-Shimano sprinter Tom Veelers to crash, ultimately forcing him to leave the Tour. While Cavendish tries to intimidate his opponent, Kittel takes his revenge in the ultimate stage in Paris, leading Argos-Shimano to victory.

DVD ( Dutch, French, Spanish, German, English with English subtitles) / 2014 / 88 minutes

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Director: Kathryn Bertine

Half the Road is a documentary film that explores the world of women's professional cycling, focusing on both the love of the sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport. With footage from some of the world's top UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) races to interviews with Olympians, World Champions, coaches, and managers, Half the Road offers a unique insight into the drive, dedication and passion it takes for a female cyclist to thrive.

The documentary highlights significant inequalities that separate men's and women's professional cycling including: shorter race's than men's events, lower prize money granted to female winners, a lack of union or standardized salary to support female pros, factors which limit the length and success of professional female cyclist's careers. These institutionalized pitfalls demonstrate the shortcomings of Title IX and similar legislation and explores how women can achieve equality, support, and equal pay with their male cycling counterparts.

DVD / 2013 / 106 minutes

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Director: Dave Ohlson

K2 is the second highest peak on Earth at 8,611 meters. It is also one of the most dangerous mountains to climb, with its summit eluding even the most devoted professional alpinists. For every four people who have reached the summit, one person has died trying. Harsh weather conditions and demanding technical climbs have made producing films on K2 extremely difficult, and footage from these expeditions is rare compared to its slightly taller and more frequently scaled counterpart, Mount Everest.

K2: Siren of the Himalayas stars world-class alpinists Fabrizio Zangrilli and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, National Geographic's 2012 Explorer of the Year and the first woman to summit all 14 of the world's 8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen or high altitude porters. While their summit attempt hangs in the balance, the film examines the risks, rewards and deeply personal nature of exploration in an age when there are few blank spots left on the map.

Director Dave Ohlson joins this group's epic journey on the 100-year anniversary of the Italian Duke of Abruzzi's landmark expedition from 1909. Rare footage and still photographs from the 1909 expedition make this a definitive historical piece on K2, tracing the parallels of high altitude exploration over the last century.

DVD / 2013 / 75 minutes

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Director: Jillian Schlesinger

14-year-old Laura Dekker sets out - camera in hand - on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. In the wake of a year-long battle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global storm of media scrutiny, Laura now finds herself far from land, family and unwanted attention, exploring the world in search of freedom, adventure, and distant dreams of her early youth at sea. Jillian Schlesinger's debut feature amplifies Laura's brave, defiant voice through a mix of Laura's own video and voice recordings at sea and intimate verite footage from locations including the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia, Australia, and South Africa.

DVD / 2013 / 82 minutes

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Director: Ian McDonald

In India, a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Masters, driven by a man with a vision. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. Algorithms is a documentary on the thriving but little known world of Blind Chess in India.

Filmed over three years, Algorithms travels with three talented boys and a totally blind player turned pioneer as they compete in national and world championships, and visits them in their home milieu where they reveal their struggles, anxieties and hopes.

Charudatta Jadhav discovered chess soon after he went blind as a teen. Convinced of the game's power, he has dedicated his life to develop chess for the blind. Darpan Inani is the most talented and highest ranked totally blind player in India. This idiosyncratic and highly intelligent teenager possesses a wisdom that belies his young age. Sai Krishna is an ambitious rising star of blind chess in India. He is fun-loving, gregarious and makes friends easily, but there is a toughness to Sai's character. Anant Kumar Nayak, a promising new talent, is a gentle boy with an endearing if slightly eccentric personality. With a strong sense of moral duty and responsibility, the totally blind Anant struggles to balance chess and school.

This observational documentary moves through the algorithms of the blind chess world, challenging the viewer with a tactile and thoughtful exploration of foresight, sight and vision.

DVD (English, Hindi, Tamil, Odiya with English subtitles) / 2012 / 96 minutes

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Director: T.C. Johnstone

American cycling legend Jock Boyer moved to Rwanda, Africa to help a group of struggling genocide survivors pursue their dream of a national team. Rising From Ashes follows Boyer and Team Rwanda as they set out against impossible odds and rise from the ashes of their past.

Team Rwanda started out as a cycling organization but soon took on a greater mission. Many of the riders could not read or write, lived in homes without water, electricity, were malnourished, and had never received healthcare, or even knew what a dentist was. But there was still a greater issue: These riders were all recovering from the traumatic psychological effects of the 1994 genocide.

Team Rwanda has not solved all of these problems but it is making a difference. Riders are provided a modest salary to help provide for themselves and their families, equivalent to three times the national average income. Riders are given English lessons and taught how to read and write. Healthcare is provided for the ongoing issues of malaria and water-borne diseases, and, when funds are available, the riders are given regular health checks and dental care.

While the team has tried to address riders' physical and mental issues it has provided something greater. The riders of Team Rwanda have become ambassadors of hope. They have given the country a vision of something greater then themselves and a renewed sense of purpose.

Rising From Ashes is more than a movie; it's a gateway of hope. But this is just the beginning. Since 2005 Team Rwanda has developed a model for caring for passionate athletes and it's about to expand the vision. In 2012 Team Rwanda will begin the next phase, the development of Africa's first all-black, all African team to attempt the greatest cycling event in the world, The Tour de France.

DVD / 2012 / 82 minutes

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Director: Jacob Rosenberg

Waiting For Lightning is the inspirational story of Danny Way, a young boy from a broken home whose passion for skateboarding would one day bring him fame and a lifetime of accomplishments. A visionary skateboarder whose love of big air in half-pipes and on gigantic ramps have garnered him fame and fans around the world, Way decides to attempt the impossible: jump China's Great Wall on a skateboard.

It's a film about how much abuse the body can sustain, how deep you have to dig to survive the challenges life presents, and how high and far dreams can fly. Danny Way has not only proven himself to be an incredibly talented skateboarder but also the sport's greatest innovator. In his quest for greatness, Way continues to shape the very sport that helped save his own life.

Waiting For Lightning features a who's who of action sports all-stars including Way, Travis Pastrana, Laird Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Mat Hofman, Rob Dyrdek and Ken Block.

DVD / 2012 / 96 minutes

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Director: Nina Gilden Seavey

Shot over six years, 4th & Goal tells the story of DeQawn, Albert, Gibril, Tim, Randy and Bret, all standouts at a respected junior college football program. Each of the young men are recruited for top Division 1 college scholarships. As they fan out across the country to the nation's best college football teams, each carries with him the belief that he will be one of the chosen few who will someday be a "Sunday Player" in the NFL.

What their experience reveals is the true fate of millions of young football players: only about 1700 players can play in the NFL, and the cut-throat competition - physical, intellectual, and emotional - is what distinguishes one man's success from another man's failure.

As our young men reach the end of their college careers the draft and recruitment process heats up. Pro-Day, Draft-Day, Training Camp - they are all steps towards the moment every football player dreams of. But only one will achieve his ultimate dream - to win a Super Bowl.

DVD-R / 2011 / 91 minutes

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Director: Nick Davis

Blood Sweat & Gears is the inspirational story of America's only ProTour cycling team, a team devoted not only to cleaning up the sport of cycling but to winning the Tour de France.

Setting off from the frozen roads of a Colorado winter, racing over the dangerous cobblestones of the Spring classic Paris-Roubaix, and finally arriving to the Champs-Elysees, the grand Parisian boulevard which marks the end of the Tour de France, this riveting, eye-opening documentary takes viewers on an incredible emotional journey, following the ups and downs of underdog cycling team as they try, against all odds, to ride triumphantly into Paris.

From the intensive daily training required to compete at the highest level to the glory of winning races against the world's best pro riders, Blood Sweat & Gears captures the passion and suffering of this simultaneously brutal and beautiful sport.

DVD-R / 2009 / 93 minutes

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Director: Erik Osterholm

Intrepid Descent captures the classic wilderness experience of skiing Tuckerman Ravine, the legendary - and dangerous - birthplace of backcountry skiing. Nestled just below the summit of Mount Washington, the tallest peak in New England (and home to some of the most extreme weather on Earth), the Ravine, with its near-vertical slopes of rock, ice and snow, has been home to triumph and tragedy since the early 1920's. Today, it remains a mecca for skiers and adventurers from all over the world.

In addition to exploring Tuckerman's rich history, the filmmakers take us up the daunting climb to the top of the RavineˇKand then over the lip, on an exhilarating, heart-stopping descent. Interviews with expert skiers, meteorologists, and rare historical footage provide a broad and dynamic view of Tuckerman's, where the classic man-against-nature story has been - and will undoubtedly continue to be - repeated for generations. Intrepid Descent pays homage both to the mountain and to the individuals who dare to test themselves on its treacherous slopes.

DVD / 2008 / 26 minutes

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Director: Pepe Danquart

Thomas and Alexander Huber, risk takers in the extreme, rank as two of the best mountain climbers of our time. Now the two Huber brothers have set out to break the record in speed climbing at the wall of all walls, the 1,000 foot vertical "Nose" of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California.

Featuring breathtaking footage of the mountains of Patagonia and Yosemite National Park, Academy Award® winner Pepe Danquart follows the Huber brothers to locations never before reached by a film crew. To the Limit is a portrait of two competitive brothers who go to the very edge of the possible, physically and psychologically. These brothers, who ordinarily live very different and separate lives, become like twins when they climb together, as they have since childhood, each driven to search for his own limits.

To the Limit completes a trilogy of sports films by Pepe Danquart, the other films being Home Match (2000, German film prize for Best Director) and Hell On Wheels (2004).

DVD (German, With English Subtitles) / 2007 / 95 Minutes

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Director: Marcy Garriott

Talented boxer Jesus "El Matador" Chavez finds his rise to the world championship cut short when he is deported to Mexico for a youthful crime in his past. Back in the country he left as a child, Jesus faces two new battles: the fight for the right to return to his family and career in the U.S., and the struggle to find acceptance in the country of his birth.

DVD / 2001 / 58 minutes

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Director: Beth & George Gage

The goal was clear: defeat the Nazis who were entrenched high in the snowy mountains of Italy. Drawing together an elite group of champion skiers, mountain climbers and European mountaineers, the U.S. Army created the 10th Mountain Division, America's only mountain and winter warfare fighting unit. From the intensive training atop the Colorado Rockies to the spectacular night climb of Italy's Riva Ridge - where the 10th scored their biggest victory against Hitler's troops - Fire on the Mountain tells the thrilling story of these rugged, courageous men in all their glory.

DVD (Color, Black and White) / 1995 / 72 minutes

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Director: Eran Riklis

It's June, 1982. Israel has just invaded Lebanon. Unfortunately, this action is taking place in the middle of soccer's World Cup tournament. Cohen, an Israeli soldier, has tickets for the games in Barcelona, but he is stuck in the desert, seeking out the enemy. Things go from bad to worse for him when he is captured by a band of retreating PLO soldiers en route to Beirut. Cohen's only solace is that the PLO leader, Ziad, shares his passion for the Italian national soccer team. Laced with humor, wit and violence, Cup Final is a subtle tale of shared humanity.

DVD / 1992 / 107 minutes

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