Directed by Andy Wolff and Stefanie Brockhaus

Through a clever dramatic narrative structure, On the Other Side of Life rises above a social environment study to become a far-ranging discourse about the future of an Africa ground to pieces between tradition and modernity.

Lucky and Bongani pretend to be cool and in the know. To survive in a Cape Town township, they learned their lessons early: where to get drugs, where to get money, how to pick up girls and how to get rid of them.

Their mother does not pay much attention to them, but at least their grandmother is on their side. The two brothers share everything: the bed, the food and now even an accusation of murder.

The first thing they get in prison is an unmistakable lesson about the rules there. No questions¡­ newcomers are at the bottom of the hierarchy. Together they must learn who may be attacked and who must be served. It's a matter of survival. And, Once out on bail, something special awaits them-an initiation of a different kind.

The brothers move through three cultures, each of which calls for its own gestures and rituals. The deep rift between the generations becomes painfully obvious. The old people still have the sense of honour of African tradition; their successors have only a tiny chance of escaping the squalid suburbs. What will be their package in life?
DVD (English and Xhosa with English Subtitles)
88 minutes
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