We often associate Inner Mongolia with the ever shining sun on the vast plain and galloping horses on the hill. But the fact is that they are not to be seen in winter, since the temperature can reach as low as minus 40 degrees at that time. In this trip we are going to look for the culture in Inner Mongolia. What kind of culture would be nurtured on this vast piece of land?

The train from Hohhot to Erenhot takes the crew 10 hours. Erenhot is China's only port to Mongolia and East Europe. It is just next to Mongolia, with a distance like the gap between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Trains arriving at this station have to change their wheels. When the weather is cold, the port seems more desert, which reminds us of the post stations in the past. The Post Station Museum not only shows us the history behind these stations, it also helps us understand the ideas behind them ĘC the establishment of post stations is not unlike the development of the Internet nowadays. In Xilinhot in the east, we can see Mongolians practising wrestling in a local vocational school. They enjoy the game and do not care about the result. This is typical Mongolian ĘC they are a generous race.

When the temperature in Alukeerqinqi in Chifeng drops and the snow begins to fall, men become part of Nature. During these days, Mongolians share what they have with each other.
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