By Carl Whitaker

Learn from groundbreaking family therapist Carl Whitaker as he conducts two riveting and instructive initial interviews with a family seeking treatment for their son's ADHD. You can't help but be awed and inspired as you watch this true master in action.

With a focus on process over progress, a co-created experiential field, and a therapeutic power exchange with the family, Carl Whitaker demonstrates a playfully ruthless brand of family therapy in this two-session video. His own past suicide attempt, "this ADD thing" the son experiences, dad's leveraging his polio for psychological gain, and mom's "conning" people into various states of unconscious compliance all get addressed here, as the renowned family therapist presents a rare live glimpse into the approach that's influenced a generation of subsequent clinicians.

You'll be shocked and delighted throughout this video°™it's truly a classic example of groundbreaking therapy from a one-of-a-kind clinician. While every therapist must ultimately develop their own style congruent with their personality, watching a vibrant master like Whitaker can inspire you to find your own voice°™and not have it be squelched as you try to adhere to a specific orientation or manualized treatment.

By watching this video, you will:
~ Discover the theoretical underpinnings of Whitaker's pioneering approach.
~ Understand the major characteristics of the therapeutic system with regard to families.
~ Identify the four essential steps of the family therapy process.
DVD (With Instructor's Manual)
130 minutes
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