This chic series goes behind the scenes to present 130 stories of the fashion industry's renowned designers, Couture houses and exclusive brands.

Sophia Kokosalaki - The Greek designer's understated and elegant creations were discovered by UK Vogue magazine; and since getting her career up and running, Kokosalaki has won numerous awards, including the Elle Designer Award, Art Foundation Award for Fashion, and the New Generation Designer Award.

Kris Van Assche - Beginning his career with Yves Saint Laurent, Van Assche has since started his own label, and has become known for tailored, formal clothing, mostly for men, such as trilby coats, top hats and three-quarter length coats. His color palette tends to be monochromatic, including grey, black and beige.

Francisco Costa - Costa has become the new, understated designer behind the Calvin Klein label, while staying true to the classic, simplistic style of the original look. Having got his start with the help of Oscar De la Renta, he credits his knowledge of design to De la Renta.

Biba - Becoming the ultimate symbol of glam and decadence in the UK in the 1960's, the understated label Biba has since been reborn as an icon in the world of fashion. The label is known for offering micro-minis, sheer blouses, and smocks at bargain basement prices.

Jonathan Saunders - One of the UK's rising young stars of the fashion industry, and well-known for his passion for prints and textiles, Saunders' designs stand out because of their bright colors, vivid patterns and unique style.
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