This chic series goes behind the scenes to present 130 stories of the fashion industry's renowned designers, Couture houses and exclusive brands.

Marc Jacobs - With catwalks clogged with celebrities, Jacobs is known as a leader in upcoming trends, and interesting styles. He knows what people want to wear, and manages to unveil it every time in his men's and women's lines. Whether it is bags, shoes, shirts or dresses, grungy or elegant, everyone wants a piece of Marc Jacobs.

Tom Ford - Dubbed by his fashion cohorts as the "King of Cool" and the "epitome of sexiness", Tom Ford has always been at the top of the fashion industry. He got his start at the French design house Chloe before joining Gucci where he was given the job of strengthening the brand and giving it a new look.

Badgley Mishcka - Known for their refreshing, light take on glamour, designers James Mischka and Mark Badgley have worked together for over twenty years. They met at design school and rather than competing against each other, decided to go into business together to launch a brand that would become the favorite of some of the world's household names, including Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

Stella McCartney - Her name itself implies fame, she has famous friends, and she is known for her flirty, feminine and figure-hugging designs. No longer just the daughter of one of the surviving Beatles, McCartney's name is now synonymous with clean-cut vintage glamour.

Zac Posen - Posen is one of fashion's youngest and most personable designers. He emerged in 2002 when his alluringly feminine dresses made their New York runway debut. He is young, fresh, and definitely a favorite among Hollywood's leading ladies. He says the trick to fashion is to understand the cycles, how things that were once fashionable will have their turn again.
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