By Karin Venegas

A deeply personal documentary, UNAFRAID gives voice to four, diverse rape survivors and takes a historic look back at the pioneering treatment center where they now receive counseling. In her directorial debut, Karin Venegas highlights the work of two unsung feminist heroes in the movement for victims' rights at the height of 1970s feminism and the Women's Movement. From breaking victims' silence to the revolutionary invention of the rape kit, this powerful film intimately explores the impact of rape and the capacity of ordinary individuals to effect change.

Although frequently referenced in popular culture, few audiences know of the rape kit's feminist origins. UNAFRAID is the first film to address the grassroots genesis of this important tool, which not only made it easier to convict in the criminal justice system but which helped shape our very cultural acceptance of rape as a serious crime, worthy of prosecution and compassionate treatment.

Together, UNAFRAID's collage of voices aims to lift the stigma that traps victims in silence ĘC and to remind its audience that social change is indeed possible. Essential viewing for Criminal Justice, Law and Women's Studies Classrooms.

~ "UNAFRAID offers a timely, relatable, and poignant look at sexual assault. Unafraid is ideal for a college setting. It is an excellent springboard for discussion, support, advocacy, and action." - Professor Sara Haviland, St. Francis College, American Studies / History

~ "UNAFRAID is an open, honest look at sexual assault through the eyes of survivors. It is an ideal teaching tool for students, helping them to see the ways in which activism and advocacy can make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with this all too common experience." - Peggy Lorah, D.Ed, NCC, LPC, Penn State, Director, Center for Women Students

~ "We screened the film for an audience of law students and used it as a starting point for a discussion on how the law is one of many tools that can support an individual's healing process and impact greater social change. Unafraid served as an important teaching tool for our community of future lawyers and advocates." - Cara Cookson, Esq., Vermont Law School

~ Trenton Film Festival, Best Documentary Short Award
~ Show Me Justice Film Festival, Jury Award for Excellence
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