By Susann Ostigaard and Beathe Hofseth

Thulasi, a young Indian woman in her twenties, is literally willing to box her way out of poverty and into a better life. A Dalit or "untouchable" born outside of caste, she rejected her place on society's lowest rung at an early age and was forced to leave her parents' home when only 14. Ten years later, despite her impressive record in the ring, ranking 3rd in India's Light Fly category, Thulasi remains stuck at the bottom, deprived of opportunities she rightly deserves.

Despite the uphill battle, Thulasi refuses to compromise herself and her goals and takes her destiny into her own hands for a successful shot at an independent and happy life. Filmed during three eventful years, Light Fly, Fly High is a beautifully shot, gripping and inspirational story of a courageous young woman who refuses to be anyone's victim and ends up a hero of her own making against all odds.

~ Oxfam Global Justice Award
DVD (Tamil, Color, With English subtitles)
80 minutes
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