A full text online legal library of UK, Irish, EU and international case law, legislation and parliamentary information back to 1163.

  • Case law: From State Trials dating back to 1163, to the latest judgments from the Court of Appeal
  • Legislation: Holds the most comprehensive body of as-enacted legislation available online including Acts from 1235, statutory instruments from 1671 and local and private acts from 1797.

  • Data Coverage: UK Law, Irish Law, European Law, International & Commonwealth Law

    UK Law

    UK Primary Case Law
    The case series included here represent the most authoritative reports in UK law. Starting in 1163.

  • England and Wales Civil Appeal Judgments, Combined Package (1852 - present) Combined contents of civil judgments from the High Court, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), House of Lords/Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
  • England and Wales Criminal Appeal Judgments, Combined Package (1852 - 1989; 1993 - present) Combined contents of criminal judgments from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), House of Lords/Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
  • Electronic Session Cases (1873 - present; 1821 - 1872) Scotland¡¯s most authoritative series of law reports. The series is split into an archive and a more recent collection.
  • English Reports (1220 - 1873) The English Reports is the oldest collection of the most authoritative, comprehensive law reports in publication.
  • State Trials (1163 - 1858) Over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the State or trials illustrative of the law relating to State Officer.
  • The Times Law Reports (1990 - present) All cases published in The Times newspaper since 1990.

  • UK Specialist Case Law

  • CCH Tax Cases (1875 - present) The most comprehensive and authoritative series covering British tax law.
  • CCH British Value Added Tax Cases (1973 - present). A collection of decisions of the VAT & Duties Tribunals which deals with appeals arising from decisions of HM Customs & Excise and also matters relating to certain decisions of the Financial Services Authority.
  • CCH Special Commissioners' Decisions (1995 - present)
  • Commercial Law Cases (1994 - present) An authoritative series of full law reports covering commercial law in England and Wales.
  • Immigration Appeal Reports (1972 - present) Over 2,000 authoritative and diverse cases from a growing area of specialist law.

  • UK Legislation
    An ever-growing and comprehensive list of Acts and Statutory Instruments from the UK and its component parts, along with UK-wide Bills, all of which can be searched simultaneously.

  • UK Local Acts (1797 - present) All as-enacted, full-text local legislation, incorporating a growing collection of private and personal.
  • UK Statutes (1235 - present) All Acts of Parliament, covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from medieval times to the present day - as enacted, including repealed legislation.
  • UK Statutory Instruments (1671 - present) The only complete electronic archive of secondary legislation covering England, Scotland and Wales from the 17th Century to the present day.

  • UK Parliamentary Information
  • Parliament (1979 - present) A vast index to the proceedings and publications of the Houses of Parliament.

  • Irish Law
  • Irish Reports & Digests (1838 - present) The only way to access an electronic archive of Irish case law spanning more than 175 years.
  • Irish Cases and Legislation (1999 - present) A fully searchable database of full-text case law from the Republic of Ireland.

  • European Law
  • CELEX (1951 - present) The official legal database of the European Union.
  • Human Rights (Case Law: 1960 - present; Legislation: 1950 - present) An important source of UK and European human rights case law and legislation.
  • Official Journal C Series (1999 - present) European Union information and notices.

  • Caribbean Law
  • Bermuda Law Reports (1986 - present) A complete, searchable archive from the UK¡¯s oldest self-governing colony.
  • Bermuda Judgments (2013 - present) A selection of judgments from Bermuda¡¯s Court of Appeal and Supreme Court
  • Cayman Islands Law Reports (1952 - present) Nearly 2,000 Reports and Notes from the higher civil and criminal courts of the Cayman Islands.
  • Cayman Islands Judgments (1989 - present) A collection of unreported judgments from the Grand Court and Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.
  • Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Judgments (2003 - present) A comprehensive series of judgments from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court covering 9 different jurisdictions.
  • BVI Cases (1994 - present) Hundreds of judgments from the higher civil and criminal courts of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Jamaican Cases (1999 - present) Nearly 2,000 judgments from Jamaica¡¯s Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Revenue Court.

  • International & Commonwealth Law
  • Aspinall¡¯s Maritime Cases (1870 - 1940) A valuable series of case reports of British, Irish and international maritime law.
  • International Law Reports (1919 - present) The first comprehensive series of electronic case reports of public international law.
  • Jersey Law Reports (1969 - Present) An authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey.
  • Singapore Law Reports (1965 - present) A worldwide first in online access to the Reissue Version of nearly 50 years of Singapore law.
  • Online Database
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