By Richard Mulvey

If you are going to grow your business this year you will need to be more creative in the way you attract new customers. In this work we discuss the traditional methods of attracting new customers and explore some more creative ways to dramatically grow your business. Once you have attracted customers to your business it is important to keep them and in this work we also explore simple but effective ways to hang on to your customers and keep them coming back over and over again.

~ Understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works
~ Find new customers before your competitors do
~ Discover new ways to attract Customers to your business
~ Turn cold calling into warm calling
~ Double your potential customers in one month
~ Convert casual customers into permanent customers

In today's economic climate successful companies know the importance of a successful sales team. Customers are fewer and harder to find and while your competitors are snapping at their heels trying to take them away from you, using the same old techniques will not be enough to stem the tide. There are no shortage of opportunities however and in this work we explore some new ideas that will help you develop your customer base and keep them for ever.
77 minutes
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