This chic series goes behind the scenes to present 130 stories of the fashion industry's renowned designers, Couture houses and exclusive brands.

Ralph Lauren - Specializing in high end fashion in formal and casual wear for men, women and children, as well as branching out into accessories and house wares his signature style, which has been described as classic and elegant, has made Lauren a household name.

Galliano - He's eccentric and quirky, his style vibrant and gorgeous. From the beginning of his career he has created some of fashion's most extravagant designs, taking modern fashion lovers where they've never been before.

Issey Myaki - Issey is well known in the fashion industry for his technology-inspired clothing, accessories and fragrances. He is a wellloved designer who describes his clothing as not made-to-wear outfits but as pieces of art.

Paul Smith - As a fashion icon, Paul Smith is one of the biggest names in British fashion and he lets his tailoring do the talking! Despite describing himself as "only okay" at design and "only okay" at business, but extraordinary at neither, Smith has become extremely successful, with clothing sold in over 200 stores throughout Britain and the UK.

Prada - Fashion house Prada is one of the world's most recognizable brands, and it's not hard to imagine why, considering the company's range, which includes top quality fashion, leather-goods and accessories.
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