Cultural Heritage is a documentary program series that looks back at the history of human civilizations which have flourished along the rivers and mountainous landscapes in China. The civilizations can be traced back thousands of years ago. Their golden days have left their marks, but in face of modernization, they are being slowly washed away. The ten episodes of the series reveal how men manage to survive upon the gifts from the nature, a manifestation of the human wisdom. The series takes us to Shanxi, where people live in simple but solid cave houses that can last for centuries, to the terraced fields in Yunan where farmers plant and harvest on the steep slopes. Villages along Nujiang, the "angry river", conquered the surging waves crossing the river with the primitive but efficient cable system. The beauty of human living in harmony with nature remains us the importance of cherishing the precious resources that the Earth generally offers us.

1. Standing by the Yellow River
2. The Wonder of the Terraces
3. Meandering in the Terraces
4. Life on the Zipline in Nujiang
5. A New Passage Leading to Nowhere
6. The Fading Splendour
7. Handmade Junks
8. The Floating Village
9. The Joyous Mountain
10. The Boat Trackers
10 DVDs
300 minutes
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