By Richard Mulvey

Attracting your new customers is only half the battle, for your business to grow this year you need them to come back over and over again. By developing high levels of customer service you will encourage your casual customers to become regulars but having satisfied customers is just not enough and in this work Richard explores the techniques needed to generate "Raving Fans".

~ Turn your satisfied customers into "Raving Fans"
~ Convert "Just Looking" to "Just Buying"
~ Find out how to create just the right "First Impression"
~ Discover how complaints can be positive if managed professionally
~ Make sure your customers always come back for more
~ Help your team develop a passion for your customers

How many customers do you lose to bad service each year? Ten? One hundred? One thousand? You will probably never know but every customer lost will cost you hundreds or even thousands of rand in their "life time value". It is never too late to offer exceptional customer service and in this work Richard outlines a step by step process that will help your team keep your customers for ever.
65 minutes
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