By Kim Longinotto

"You got any dreams you wanna catch?" Sundance award winner DREAMCATCHER takes us into a hidden world of prostitution and sexual trafficking through the eyes of one of its survivors, Brenda Myers-Powell. A former teenage prostitute with a drug habit, Brenda defied the odds to become a powerful advocate for change in her community, and works to help women and young girls break the cycle of sexual abuse and exploitation. DREAMCATCHER lays bare the hidden violence that devastates the lives of these young women, their families and the communities where they live in Chicago and Brenda's unflinching intervention that turns these desperate lives around.

With unprecedented access, multi-award winning director, Kim Longinotto (SISTERS IN LAW, ROUGH AUNTIES, SALMA) paints a vivid portrait of a community struggling to come to terms with some of its most painful truths and of the extraordinary woman who uses her past to inspire others to survive. With warmth and humor, Brenda gives hope to those who have none in the four magic words she offers up to everyone she meets: "It's not your fault."

~ "Myers-Powell has a fierce wit and forthright intelligence that brightens even the darkest moments of Kim Longinotto's intensely moving documentary." - The Chicago Tribune

~ "The power of DREAMCATCHER¡­unfolds in cinema v¨¦rit¨¦ style, putting you up close and personal with its subjects and the world they inhabit. See the film." - Huffington Post

~ "Intensely moving¡­a real-world version of movie-star magnetism¡­remarkable for the honest, intimate rapport it achieves with highly vulnerable human subjects." - Variety

~ DOC NYC, Robert & Anne Drew Award for Documentary Excellence
~ DOC NYC Short List
~ Sundance Film Festival, Directing Award, World Cinema Documentary
~ Zagreb dox Croatia, "My Generation" Award
~ San Francisco Film Festival, "Persistence of Vision" Award
~ Nordic Docs, Icon Award
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98 minutes
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