CHAN Chi-wing, known as 'Chief' by many, is your ultimate volunteer - chairman of Southern District Volunteer Group, Fire Safety Ambassador, Occupational Health Ambassador, blah-blah-blah. 'I always tell others to become volunteers - volunteers have angel's halo on their heads!' As he finished this line he broke into laughter, patting his own bald head. 'Chief' had been a volunteer of his home building's resident association for years; but when he was invited to join the volunteer training programme of 'Caring Estates in the Southern District', his reaction was 'What's the matter? Still more training?' In the end, his mindset regarding voluntary services ascended to another level after that: 'You have to meet others' needs while providing services. you have to unearth the potential of aid recipient and bring them back into the community - but not under the image of an aid recipient. They will know that they can contribute to the community.' These days, the 'building head' and 'floor head' system has been adopted in Yue Kwong Estate's Ching Hoi House - where 'Chief' is living; now everyone is a great helper of one another. 'One evening we were told at 8 p.m. that water supply would be suspended by 10 p.m.; I notified the floor heads immediately. At once we heard everybody running up and down the stairs to deal with the situation.' Those footsteps along the stairs remind us that 'All serving me, me serving all' is not merely a slogan in those gone-by Cantonese films. Still, where there are gains there are losses: 'Chief' reckons that he has less free time now, but he believes his deeds are laying the ground for his descendents' well-being.
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