By Monica McGoldrick

Whether you're new to family therapy or seeing a new family client, you need a clear and effective framework to navigate this often treacherous terrain. In this new video, legendary family therapist and genogram innovator Monica McGoldrick demonstrates how to engage and assess a family in the initial stage of treatment.

The systems approach to family therapy has taken root over the past half-century as a prominent and trusted assessment framework. Even as other methods have entered the field, the systems perspective°™including the genogram°™remains a reliable way of understanding the complex relationships and rich histories that characterize a family. While we now largely accept that family dynamics can influence individual members' healing capacities, we can still feel mystified by how to actually begin a course of family therapy. In this excellent new video resource, family systems expert Monica McGoldrick offers practical tools to help you move forward with adolescents and their families. Over five clinical sessions with the Zapata family, she demonstrates how to integrate specific techniques into treatment focused on helping family clients manage not just their presenting issues, but also the systems-oriented background concerns that underlie them.

To start, McGoldrick outlines the key principles of early-stage systems therapy and discusses the many judgment calls a family therapist must make. Covering genogram application, the need (or not) for risk assessment, separating family members during a session, and more, McGoldrick illustrates the collaborative yet directive, client-engaging nature of the approach. You'll also find helpful commentary in which McGoldrick generously discusses her frustrations in session and then shows how to clinically address them.

This video is an essential tool for clinicians who want useful strategies for systems therapy, adolescent therapy and risk assessment, or family-based alliance building.

By watching this video, you will:
~ Get an expert perspective on systems therapy and its application to adolescents and their families.
~ Learn how to engage parents in a discussion about their respective backgrounds and its collective impact.
~ Find helpful tips for working with immigrant client populations.
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