Hong Kong boasts a heritage of fengshui stories: Bank of China tower is a sabre that has damaged the fengshui of the Government House of Hong Kong; the exterior of Exchange Square resembles a copper coin, thus the building is the heart of Hong Kong's financial industry; Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is the city's'sacred turtle', where all important ceremonies are held бн

Architect Michael Chiang, who received western education, has a profound knowledge of fengshui and Chinese metaphysics. to him, fengshui is traditional Chinese statistics rather than unfounded superstition. It is unfortunate that many Hong Kong people think of fengshui as a form of money-growing'magic'and are not at all aware of the sophistication of this traditional cultural product.

In Hong Kong, fengshui is seen as a tool for moneymaking, and fengshui consultant is an exceptionally well-paid job. This is especially true for a number of high-profile fengshui experts, who are often featured in the media in recent years and have huge fan following. Peter So has been in the industry for decades and born witness to the peaks and troughs of Hong Kong's economy. According to him, traditional Chinese metaphysics does not include ways to forecast economic development but his clients always ask him to make projections for the stock market and the economy so that they can make money.
30 minutes
USD 500.00