Mr. Smith could speak local Cantonese. He came to Hong Kong in eighties and witnessed the hand-over of Hong Kong for over 20 years. He had run trading business with self production factory in Mainland China, He had enjoyed the old good days of " business comes with holding a plate " . Also because doing business at the north he realized the Chinese location in business doing. Mr. Smith is the one amongst the foreigners who rarely could obtain " buddy's price " .

If someone says, the advantage of Hong Konger is changing swiftly, then Mr. Smith is perhaps more " Hong Konger " than many Hong Kongers. He had also married a Hong Konger's wife, However, two of them that one from east and one from west appears to be wrongly positioned, wife full mouth of English and husband conversant with full Cantonese.

Home at Kwun tong, company also at Kwun tong, he knows well about the " Kai Fong " culture and market atmosphere at Kwun tong. Today Kwun tong has changed and Hong Kong industries had been dying for a long time. Mr. Smith has also changed to help foreign merchants entering China market and provide consultant services. Returning to U.S.A.? He says no, Because he deeply knows his advantages are at Hong Kong, at the Chinese communities. As what he says in here, he likes " fishes meet waters " .
30 minutes
USD 500.00