Some people say that only Xinjiang can help one understand how big China is. Xinjiang is in northwest China. It takes up one sixth of the country's land area. The region is ethnically diverse - it is the home to 47 races, including the Uyghur, the Han, the Tajik, the Kazak, the Hui, the Mongolian and the Manchu, but it is the Uyghur who dominate. The different cultures and customs of all these races have made Xinjiang an exotic place. The railway in Xinjiang can now run from Xinjiang west to Urumqi and finally to other cities in China. In this episode, we are going to make Urumqi our starting point and reach the westernmost city in China, Tashkurgan.

Tiffany Lee takes a 24 hour ride from Urumqi to the westernmost railway station in China, Kashi. Kashi was called Shule in the past. Its written history can be dated back to more than 2000 years ago. The city is located in southwest Xinjiang, standing as an important stop of the silk road. Apart from the culture and relics of the Uyghur, one can also see the local dance there, Dolan muqam, a primitive muqam style which has not been commercialised. Although this trip has covered only southwest Xinjiang, we have already met the Han, the Uyghur and the Tajik and have a grasp of the diversity of the region. One can imagine how vast the place is.
30 minutes
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