When Elaine first held her new born son Pok-fai in her arms, she discovered a white spot in the pupil of his eye. It was a mother's intuition that prompted her to demand a medical check which revealed her son had congenital cataract.

"I gave birth to him and should accept him even though he is born with a defect." Elaine did not blame God or accuse others. All she wanted was to bring up her son wholeheartedly. When he was small, Pok-fai was a frequent visitor to the hospital. Elaine was very concerned about her son's condition and even proposed to donate her eyes to her son, but was declined by the doctor.

"All things in their being are good for something" - this is what Elaine had always taught her son over the years, and it had become Pok-fai's motto. Whenever he came across setbacks, he would think about his mother's words as encouragement to move ahead. As Pok-fai gradually grew up, Elaine arranged all sorts of activities for him, and even let him travel overseas, hoping he could broaden his horizon. The Ebenezer School for the Visaully Impaired where Pok-fai studied only provides courses up to Form Three. At Pok-fai's request, Elaine tried hard to look for a school that provides integrated education for him to continue his studies. Finally, Pok-fai got what he desired.

A mother is willing to sacrifice everything for her son, because she derives happiness from her son's happiness.
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