It is the wish of almost all parents for their children to become successful in future. When children cannot memorize new vocabulary after repeated revisions, their parents will soon lose patience, and scolding and beating follow inevitably. This was what happened to Mrs. Lam when Kei Luen entered primary one, with the child crying over the studies every day, while parent-child relationship was strained. It was not until Kei Luen had undergone evaluation that Mrs Lam realized her son had serious dyslexia. From initial denial to acceptance of the fact, she went through a lot of struggles. At last, the Lam couple realized parent-child relationship was most important, and decided to support their son through the ordeal. They have changed their mindset - they no longer attach importance to academic achievements, but teach their son to differentiate right from wrong instead. They have also learnt to appreciate their son's slight improvements. Knowing Kei Luen is a sports lover, his parents accompany him to go fishing and cycling, and enable him to develop his potentials and build up confidence. As Kei Luen's two younger brothers grow up, Mrs. Lam begins to realize the elder one might have the same problem as Kei Luen. Though still awaiting evaluation, with her experience over Kei Luen, Mrs. Lam hopes that all her sons can grow up without tears over studies.
30 minutes
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