A 20-hour ride from the northern metropolis Qiqihaer takes ones to 900km away, the northernmost railway station in China, Mohe. Mohe has a latitude of 53 degrees. It is located in Heilongjiang south, at the border of China and Russia. The "Arctic Village"there is the only place in China where the northern lights can be seen. It is also the coldest place in the country. Although Mohe county offers such a rare natural sight, it is, like other border areas, a desolate place. Only three trains come from Qiqihaer every day - apart from the locals, some passengers come to try their luck to see if they can see the northern lights. How do the people live in the ice and snow there? Before the planes reached there several years ago, they all depended on the railway.

At the north end of the country, while the borderland shivers in the snow, its people strive hard to live their life. Their amazing and unique culture is not beaten by time. They deserve our praise and respect.

Intangible cultural heritage items: the Lurigele dance of the Daur in Daxinganling and Heilongjiang Nenjiang, which is the "living fossil"of the singing and dancing of the hunters in the northern area; the birch bark boat and the sierranju of the Oroqen people.
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