In the sea world, the sun is the key to life. Hard corals like to build their settlements in shallow waters where there is sufficient sunlight. On the other hand, soft corals live in relatively deeper water.the second episode of "sea world odyssey" will bring the audience to observe the two coral groups at a close range. Some of them rely on photosynthesis to produce food, while others feeds on planktons. Corals provide shelter for other marine creatures like fish, shrimps and crabs, where they can feed and reproduce. This is how a balanced ecosystem can sustain itself. Inside the coral village, survival of the fittest does notsimply mean to compete, but also to form partnerships that enhance successful reproduction.we will also visit tsim chau. Located off tai long wan at sai kung, this is where a large turf of sea anemones can be found underwater. We will also meet the mimic octopus in Hong Kong waters for the very first time. Be careful though, the deadly blue ring octopus is around the corner too.
30 minutes
USD 500.00