He was born a country boy tending sheep and cows in the wild fields and mountains of Miaoli County. He was once a traditional wood sculptor. His dexterity has brought him square meals and stable income. He has lost his business and left penniless, yet he rose like a phoenix from the ashes. He had numerous apprentices, yet he was willing to be one. He has drifted alone in New York working hard without boasting, seeing the world with a placid heart. Yet he animates Taichi, transforms it into graphical and graceful vigour. He transforms the world's joy and tears into simple and lively form and structure. He has only finished primary education but has been a college lecturer. His perpetual love is his native town but his works have trodden onto the world's cities. He is a skinny guy, yet he is also a master of sculpture.
60 minutes
USD 1000.00