Hong Kong born ingrid Wing-sai Tang has long been fascinated by China. When she worked as a reporter, she travelled frequently to mainland China and came across many enchanting people and things. She has now taken up the post of deputy director of xuhui district tourism administrative bureau in shanghai,and has become a true civil servant in mainland China.ingrid has a small wish: to change the thinking patterns of those around her. She wishes to exert herself in order toinfluence those around her so that even when she leaves one day,the bureau can still operate with the new ideas she has brought in.in a totally different system and culture, ingrid, with critical eyes from her journalist training, underwent a painful integration with mainland civil servants in shanghai. After putting herself in her colleagues' place, ingrid finally realises that their way of working and thinking has its own reasons, and the key to co-operation is tolerance and understanding.ingrid advises anyone planning to settle down in mainland China to be prepared psychologically.one should not gothere with an arrogant attitude and mentality that Hong Kong is superior, or else one will end up in a miserablesituation. However, if you let go of your own set of values and become like everyone else, you may find yourself moving backwards. It is a delicate situation in which one needs to strike a balance carefully.
30 minutes
USD 500.00