As a little kid growing up in the villages of Tuen Mun, CHAN Ka-fai was already a fan of Chinese lion dance: his captivated legs just followed the pounding drumbeats, and his sight focused on the dancing dragons and lions. At the beginning he self-learned the lion dance art with his friends, using card-boxes as a substitute of lion heads. Later on, he came under the tutelage of the renowned Master HA Tak-kin; during that time he had taught dragon and lion Dance classes for secondary and primary students, and it was in this way he came to encounter youngsters from various backgrounds. In 2000, he formed his own dragon and lion dance team, teaching the art to youngsters in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai for free. Anyone willing to learn is welcomed to his class, it is his aim to get a better understanding of these youngsters, so that he can bring them onto the right track and keep them from fooling around with rogues. Master CHAN has just reached his 30s, and at his age most would be battling ahead for their careers and families, trying to make more money for a comfortable, early retirement; yet he is now spending tons of time on all these un-related youngsters, making not a penny himself and sometimes even drawing on his own pocket to bring these kids to overseas tournaments. So why is he willing to contribute in such a selfless manner?
30 minutes
USD 500.00