Company Profile

LearningEmall is one of the leading international audio-visual suppliers/distributors of learning, training and educational resources to the corporate and educational markets worldwide. LearningEmall offers a wide range of videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, VCDs and reference materials, designed to support self-paced learning and complement the teaching curriculum.

LearningEmall represents about 500 publishers and offer more than 100,000 titles ranging from arts, science, medicine, law, business to technology, which make us available for supply to academic, public and institutional librarians.

LearningEmall serves many of the most well-renowned universities, professional bodies, publishers and program producers worldwide, as well as many government agencies in different countries.

Our business includes
~ Provision of Library Services
~ Acquisition agent for universities, educational institutes and libraries
~ Content provider for LearningEmall business and e-learning
~ Copyright sales (e.g. VHS, DVD etc) to non-broadcasting and non-theatrical market
~ Video/multimedia based training courses provider

Our company solves shortfalls in knowledge by providing fully-enabled technology solutions, encompassing knowledge discovery to logistics innovation.

LearningEmall handles both new library collections and updated collections, lending our expertise in:
1. Program sourcing
2. New products release and alerts
3. Collection profiling
4. Acquisition

LearningEmall provides:
~ A choice of programs from across the globe
~ Regular updates on new releases
~ Enhanced levels of customer service
~ Customer satisfaction

Corporate History

LearningEmall was originated in 1992, as an international video-based PC software and Unix training programme distributor for major corporations, Government departments, libraries and educational institutes worldwide. Our company has since supplied to and become part of the network of global library service providers.

In the same year, LearningEmall had expanded into Asia, initially in Hong Kong, followed by Malaysia and Singapore. LearningEmall is continuously innovating and evolving with technology in order to provide libraries with the highest levels of service.

Within a few years, LearningEmall has succeeded in building up a strong and solid distribution base in Asia and Europe. With over a decade's experience in providing excellent service to the Asian market, LearningEmall has developed into a very useful and resourceful partner for our clients.

LearningEmall had completed a major project for two community libraries in Singapore, whilst annually helping foreign government agencies purchase licenses and digitalization rights.

What drives our company to evolve?

Pursuit of excellence and a desire to provide exceptional products and level of service to our customers. LearningEmall aims to provide you with the best possible tools to enhance your educational and professional training programs.

If you have any questions or require further assistance finding a particular product or service, please Email Us E-learning Devoted Ltd.